In June of 2017, I was given an amazing opportunity to travel with the No. 4 LSU Baseball team to Omaha, Nebraska for the 2017 College World Series. I also designed Snapchat filters for each game, edited in-game action photos, and assisted our amazing SIDs with social media posting on the Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. Although LSU unfortunately did not take home the championship, it was unforgettable experience that I was honored to be a part of.

Here are just a few of the 100+ graphics designed over our 14-day trip to the 2017 CWS...
Not shown here is the 2017 National Championship logo that would've been used in the event the Tigers took the title. Although I had a lot of fun working on the top secret project, it never saw the light of day. Unfortunately, LSU fell to Florida in the second game of the final round, forcing the unused logo to be tucked away until the day our boys take home their 7th National Championship.

Other projects in this gallery

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